Mgr. Veronika Novosádová, Ph.D.

Choral Conductor of the Preparatory Division Magdalenka and Kantilénka

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Coming from Třebíč, she has been immersed in piano and singing since a young age. In Třebíč, she began her journey as a choral conductor with the mixed choir Musica animata. Her thirst for knowledge after high school led her to Brno, where she attended the Faculty of Education and the Academy of Early Music at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University.

These experiences naturally progressed not only into pedagogical pursuits but also broadened her musical-educational horizons through doctoral studies.

At the university, she specialized in Baroque interpretation and continues to collaborate with ensembles dedicated to early music, such as Czech Ensemble Baroque, Ensemble Versus, and Ars Brunensis Chorus. She is a regular participant in the Summer School of Baroque Music in Holešov, where she assumes the role of a choir leader.

Since 2011, she has been the choral conductor for Kantiléna, a children and youth choir affiliated with the Brno Philharmonic, where she leads the youngest preparatory section, Magdalenka. With them, she has celebrated numerous successes at competitive children's choir festivals: achieving gold accolades repeatedly, both in the national competition "Zahrada písní" in Prague and the international festival "Slovakia Cantat" in Bratislava. She has also collaborated successfully with the "Husa na provázku" theatre.

In 2018, she spent time with children in the company of the elf, Bambulín, about whom Magdalenka recorded a proprietary CD composed by Tomáš Pálka. This marks the first CD of the youngest preparatory group in the history of Kantiléna.

Email: veronika.novosadova@kantilena.cz


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