During its many years of existence, Kantiléna has released a number of CDs, LPs and made recordings for radio and television.


2014Kantiléna (double album)Kantiléna, published by J&M Agency s.r.o., JM1401-2
2013Letem vánočním světemCordial String Quartet & Kantilénka, published by Cordial Musica o.s.
2009Z hvězdy vyšlo slunceKantiléna & Hradišťan & Filharmonie Brno, published by J&M Agency s.r.o.
2005Záznam slavnostního koncertu k zahájení 50. sezóny sboruPublisher ing. Karel Špalek, Studio Blok
2002Kantiléna LivePublisher Antiphona, AA 0075-2231
2001"Štědrej večer nastal..."Publisher GZ Digital Media a.s., LI 0507-2 211
1998Cantate DominoPublisher Artimus, ARMU 005 – 2
1994Gloria in excelsisPublisher Panton, 81 1384 – 2 – 231
1991KantilénaPublisher G agency 002
1989Špalíček – B.MartinůPublisher Supraphon, digital record, č. 0923-1 232G

Gramo LP

1990KantilénaPublisher Panton, č. 81 0662 – 1211, nahráno už 1986 a 1989
1986Vánoce na MoravěPublisher Supraphon, č. 11173659 G
1979Vánoce s MoravankouPublisher Panton, č. 8117 0089
1985Veselé vánoční hodyPublisher Panton, č. 8113 0520
1983Špalíček – B.MartinůPublisher Panton, č. 8116 0387, 8116 0388
1978Kantilénabez škrtů, Publisher Supraphon, č. 1 12 2481-83
1978JakobínPublisher Supraphon, č. 1 12 2315
1971KantilénaPublisher Panton, č. 080204 a 880204 (mono, stereo)

Radio and television

Recordings of most of the compositions written for Kantiléna and others were gradually made, totaling approx. 600 minutes.

Two radio prizes (the program of Mr. editor Šimíček and the radio competition of children's choirs "Let the nations sing" Helsinky 88, 2nd prize.

Participating in Music for Christmas A concert of festive music from around Europe LIVE : BBC Volume IV Number 4 1995.

You can find recordings of our performances and programs in the Média section.


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