Mgr. MgA. Michal Jančík

Artistic Director and Choral Conductor of Kantiléna and the Preparatory Division, Kantilénka

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The artistic director completed his studies in musicology at Masaryk University. He pursued further education in music and choir leadership under the tutelage of Lumír Pivovarský, Jan Spisar, and Jurij Galatenko at Ostrava University, and finally honed his choir conducting skills at JAMU, under the guidance of Lubomír Mátl.

He has been actively involved in various choral activities, ranging from managing choirs of younger age groups to mature mixed choirs. However, his primary focus remains with Kantiléna, a children and youth choir affiliated with the Brno Philharmonic. Since 2011, he served as the choral conductor for the senior preparatory division, Kantilénka, as well as the concert choir, Kantiléna. Presently, he functions as the artistic director.

With Kantiléna, he has embarked on numerous international tours and competitions. Recent accolades include securing gold medals at the choir Olympics in Magdeburg, Germany (2015), and in Riga, Latvia (2017). They have also introduced the compositions of significant contemporary Czech composers like V. Zouhar, R. Hejnar, D. Lukáš, among others. Under his leadership, Kantiléna has collaborated with esteemed orchestras, such as the Czech Philharmonic, Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg, Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and Brno Philharmonic. He's also prepared Kantiléna for performances in musical-dramatic works at venues like Mahen Theatre and Divadlo na Orlí.

Significant achievements also include his contributions with Kantilénka, the senior preparatory division. Noteworthy accomplishments involve recordings for Albatros Media, collaboration on the Christmas CD "Letem vánočním světem", securing 4th place in the international competition in Llangollen, and winning the golden category in the "Zahrada písní" competition. Notably, he was personally awarded for his outstanding conducting performance in this competition.

From his earlier engagements, notable activities include his choral leadership with the amateur mixed choir, Magna Diesis. He founded this choir in Velké Meziříčí in 2005, and under his guidance, they secured numerous awards in the international competition "Svátky písní Olomouc." With the choir "Perličky" at ZŠ Jana Babáka in Brno, he triumphed in the Catalan Malgrat de Mar and was concurrently bestowed with the Best Conductor award of the festival. He also led the Tin Tin Ensemble, which focused on the works of Arvo Pärt, and collaborated with groups such as Ensemble Opera Diversa and Ars Brunensis Chorus. Additionally, he serves as an external associate for Czech Television in the execution of recordings within the realm of classical music and is often a jury member at choral competitions.

As a conductor, he's known to collaborate on unique projects. To mention a few, he was involved in the presentation of the opera "Věčná slečna bledá" by Markéta Dvořáková and Ivo Medek (performed by Hausopera). He was also instrumental in introducing the Czech premiere of Kryštof Mařatka's composition "Neviditelný les," among many other endeavors.

Email: michal.jancik@kantilena.cz


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